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Numerous studies confirm that declawing is a harmful, painful, medically-unnecessary and mutilative surgery for cats. It is cruel and inhumane. Especially when done for human convenience.

The COP Cats Initiative is dedicated to ending the inhumane practice of cat declawing in the U.S. through advocacy and political action.

  • Numerous studies and reports confirm that declawed cats are actually more likely to be euthanized, not less likely.
  • A chronic pain syndrome specific to declawed cats is a known consequence of declawing [Gaynor 2005].


If amputation is painful,
then 10 separate amputations
must be, like, torture.

Did you know? Amputation of bones is so predictably painful that it was used as a form of torture on Prisoners of War, and clinical drug trials have used cat declawing as the procedure for testing pain medication.

Cat declawing is the amputation of 10-18 toe bones at the first knuckle. (Removing the entire bone is the only way to remove the entire claw bed, because the claw bed grows from germinal tissue deep within the P3 toe bone.)

Almost all cat rescue organizations in the country are opposed to declawing (onychectomy). In fact, their adoption contracts even prohibit declawing (which means that a declaw ban would not decrease adoptions). Same goes for most reputable cat breeders when they sell a cat or kitten to a new home.

Cat rescue organizations exist to find homes for homeless cats. So, if declawing really kept cats in homes or put more cats in more homes -- which is, after all, these rescues' missions -- why wouldn't cat rescues be in favor of declawing?

Because declawing does not keep cats in homes.
Because it is cruel and harmful, no matter the technique or pain meds.

Who is against declawing?

  • The CDC, NIH, numerous hematologist-oncologists and physicians groups specifically recommend against declawing for human health.
  • Thousands of cat rescue and animal welfare organizations across the country, including the Paw Project and the Humane Society of the United States
  • Other countries that have already outlawed cat declawing, including the UK, the entire EU, Australia and more
  • The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has condemned the declawing of wild and exotic cats, citing "pain and suffering" as the reason. (Note: domestic cats are a genetically indistinguishable species from "wild and exotic cats".)
  • Many members of the US public and the growing educated public opinion

Then who is in favor of declawing?

Why is cat declawing still going strong in all 50 states?

The real question is, who has been lobbying to keep cat declawing as legal as possible, despite the overwhelming public opinion against declawing?

What We Do

With your generous financial support, the COP Cats Initiative takes political action to end the inhumane practice of cat declawing in the US.

  • Advocate for laws and policies that ban cat declawing, except for when medically necessary for the cat
  • Educate lawmakers on the numerous humane alternatives to declawing and the many negative consequences of declawing
  • Work together with other advocacy organizations to effect humane legislation to end declawing
  • Prepare and give public testimonies; provide documentation and research
  • Grassroots lobbying

We take proactive, political action to create real change.

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Major Accomplishments

We spent countless hours, working day and night with other organizations to help achieve some of these significant milestones:

New Jersey A3899, bill to prohibit declawing

Passed the General Assembly. January 2017.

Passed the Assembly Committee. November 2016.

There is still much more work ahead.
We are less than halfway there.
We need your help to make declawing illegal.

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Because, this:

bengal declaw

Photo from City the Kitty, #1 internet spokescat against declawing.

Please support our contributors and allies dedicated to the same mission #EndDeclawing
The Paw Project, 501c(3) dedicated to ending declawing through education and advocacy www.pawproject.org
City the Kitty, #1 internet spokescat against declawing www.citythekitty.com
Dr. Jean Hofve DVM of Little Big Cat, veterinarian crusading to end declawing since 2004 www.littlebigcat.com

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As a nonprofit organization, we rely on public donations to fund our work. We are currently working on 1 piece of legislation: New Jersey A3899 & S2410, the bill to prohibit surgical declawing of cats, which has been an uphill battle because this bill is being fought by oppositions with big lobbies. We need your donation so that we can continue to work on this cause and hire the right experts and professionals to match the opposition. Without this, it will be impossible for us to win. Because our work is primarily on the legislation side, donations to the COP Cats Initiative are not tax-deductible. We are a nonprofit organization; federal status pending.

Please support us in our mission to end this animal cruelty,
first in New Jersey, then in the other states.
Help us fight the good fight and win.

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